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michael d. sutton
Nicknames: mickey & mike

Birthdate: 1.10.1929
Hair Color: gray, balding
Eyes: hazel
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 165 pounds
Military: USAF (Europe, 4 yrs.)
Education: BS, EE, '61; NCSU
Occupation: retired, 1994
Hobbies: gardening, travel, crafts
Marital Status: married, 59 years
Religious preference: Methodist
Oddjobs: Web consulting & design



I'm Mickey/Mike/Michael Sutton(Class of '47) your host on graingerhigh.com. A background in web page development was the prime mover in my decision to try and pull together enough information to provide a web page to glimpse those very special times of our youth. Took my lead from the Kay Aitch Ess yearbooks which represent a factual history of attendance at Grainger High. Are you one of the near 5000 that climbed those steps to higher education? Hope you found your mugshot, or stirred you to contact an old chum.