1945 Kay-Aitch-Ess
Following several years of searching for a GHS yearbook for the senior class of 1945. It has been concluded one was never printed. This was the "option" class. In 1944 the seniors had the option of graduating with eleven years of study or continuing an additional year to graduate in 1945. The majority of the class chose to graduate. A smaller group chose to attend an additional year graduating in 1945. This reduced class size was determined to be insufficient to support an annual staff and the expense of printing a yearbook. That is my story and I am sticking to it. :)

Additionally, we contacted several who graduated in 1945 that have no recollection of a yearbook. The Lenior County Library on the Lenoir Community College campus contains copies(though not all classes) of donated yearbooks, 1927 through 1970 for Grainger High School. A 1945 edition is not to be found. Several of us have studied the 1944 and 1946 yearbooks and have generated the following listing of those juniors we believe opted for the additional year.

Mable Blythe
Henry Bruton
Carlton Buck
Helen Cameron
Calvin Casey
J.P. Cherry
Shirley Daniels
Leslie Davis
Dean Evans
Robert Hartsell
Theophilus Hugh Jarman
Jerry Kanter
Linwood Kilpatrick
     Elton Lanier
Garland Lyon
Christopher Maroules
Louise Morris
Natalie Nunn
Carlton Oliver
Billy Scott
Bill Shelton
Elbert Spear
Lella Sutton Rouse
Harold Taylor
Doris Teachy
Henry Tull
Dalton Whaley
The door has not been slammed shut and this listing stands to be revised as necessary to achieve an accurate accounting for the senior class of 1945. Please submit revisions to Mickey Sutton.