Popular Hangouts
Over the years the serious dating crowd, mostly students in the upper grades, had their favorite hangouts during after class hours and on weekends. In the late 20s and most of the 30s the automobile was not a common form of transportation for students and for a limited few of the faculty. These were the depression years, incomes were low, and owning a vehicle was not a consideration for many. Teachers frequently rented rooms among private homes nearby Grainger High.

Students frequently gathered weekday afternoons within the neighborhoods and usually a vacant lot was available for a softball game, some might hike or bike to one of the Town's parks. Some of the boys had BB guns and took to thickets and woods outside Town limits. Other hobbies included model airplane construction and amateur photography. Girls would frequently gather at a friend's home to practice dancing skills. Emma Webb was popular with an open field for tag football and a softball diamond. Popular in the summer months was the swimming pool at Emma Web Park on north Queen Street with adjacent tennis courts. Sports of football, basketball, and baseball occupied the athletic and provided opportunity for students and spectators. There was a small zoo and later the Community Building was added. Before the Community Building was built, after sports event dances were held in the Grainger High gym. The family car was generally available and chauffered by a parent for attendance to evening events outside walking distance. Biking and carpooling was a necessity in those early years.

The 40s were saddled with the war years which limited access to automoblies and driving was hampered by the wartime imposed rationing of gasoline. Post war student life was greatly improved with increasing opportunities for all as years rolled on.

White Owl Cafe, US 70 west(was located nearby entrance to Westview Cemetery)
A portion of current cemetery acreage was, at that time, an airport serving Kinston.
• Operational: '30s to mid '60s •


Shady's (Ritz Soda Shop, Shady Saba, owner) • Operational: '40 to '67
Was located on the northwest corner of Vernon Ave. and
N. Queen St. adjacent to Harry Bland's Texaco gas station,
current location of a First Citizens Bank


Shady gets a shine at his Ritz Soda Shop.

Johnny's Drive-In on North Queen Street, Operational: '52-'58


Carlyle's Drive-In on North Queen Street, Operational: '58-'73