The End of an Era, 1926-1970

Last Commencement
The Class of 1970 was the final class to graduate from the Park Avenue site then known as Grainger High School. In 1971 the facility assumed the identity of Kinston High School with the consolidation of Grainger High School and Adkin High School under one roof. Kinston High School remained at this location until its move to the current campus at 2601 N. Queen Street in January of 1979. The vacated building was sold to private developers and is multi-purpose. Principally recognized as home of Grainger-Hill Performing Arts Center.
What now?
Frequently classes have had and more are planning 50th-year reunions. The next nine years represents the last decade of opportunity of golden-year anniversaries for alumni of this memorable institution. Not all, but many of us cherish the time shared and friendships melded as we paced the halls of GHS and cheered our Red Devil teams against its rivals. Please submit information you wish shared with classmates.
Senoir Class Photo Scans
This feature required the scanning of many pages from over 40 editions of Kay Aitch Ess yearbooks. Only 1 yearbook is needed to complete the project and that is 1945. Looking through these scanned pages will stir memories of past friendships and instant recall of associated events. Enjoy!