GHS Class of 1961, 50th-year Reunion, 2011
Photo by Shirley Lester

1st Row, seated
Judy Staton, Julia Ann Doolittle, Cynthia Briley, Dickie Irving, Annette Irving, Sandra Nunn, Rosanne Tolar, Dinah Allen, Lemuel Fields, Hugh Stanley, Mary Harris, Travis Everette(?)
2nd Row
Margaret Ann Edwards, Cleve Franklin, Mary Lou Franklin, Emily Rouse, George Mathis, Earl Harper, Lorraine Greene, Bob Worthington, Ed Snead, Ray Amyette, (?), Edna Taylor, Lela Quinn, Claudette Wilkins, Steve Alford
3rd Row
Paul Chused, (?), Cindy Swayne, Scarlette Mills, Guy Rouse, Everette Cameron, Marcia Cooper, Tommy Lester, Tommy Archie, Frank Briner, (?), Jerry Atkinson, Tommy Baucom, Sissy Presley, Nancy Faulkner Crumbacker

Adjustments, rows sort of mixed up...
Earl Waller in front of Norman Tripp and Steve Jefferson, Tommy Harrelson standing behind Scarlett Mills

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