Dedicated to a class of Kinston North Carolina's Grainger High School alumni that are the products of the depression years and were teenagers during World War II. Graduating from high school the year the transistor was developed, they have lived and worked during the 20th Century's period of greatest technological development. Now at over three score and ten years, their generation advances into the next millenium.   In June of 1997 our high school class gathered to celebrate a 50th-year reunion and we judged ourselves to be good responsible citizens that have lived, worked and played to make our world a better place to live. We passed our torch to that year's high school graduating class and we hope that they may have shared the camaraderie we experienced and become good and successful citizens in a world of opportunity. May the force be with them.  
Senior Class Annual Pictures

The School Paper

"Fight Song" by Johnny Osteen

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