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Included here are links to several Internet web sites crafted in support of projects of interest to me.

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Ava Gardner, Actress

For several years I served on the board of the Ava Gardner Museum here in Smithfield, NC which is nearby the area this movie star of the 40s and 50s was born and raised. During that time I maintained a personal collection of photos and news items related to her career, they are shared here.

Grainger High School, Kinston, NC

I grew up in Kinston, born in 1929, and along with 3 siblings, we all graduated from Grainger High between 1938 and 1950. In 2010 I rounded up copies of all the yearbooks from 1927-1970, scanned all the senior class photos, and posted them online for interested alumni. Quite a bit of school and Kinston related info is included.

HyperTex Markup Language, HTML

This is the code used to compose web pages for posting online. About the time of my retirement in 1994, I recognized the Internet and the World Wide Web would become important technology to learn. The code itself was in its infancy and I jumped on board to learn to use the required scripts. A group at the University of Illinois was funded to develop code and techniques for the development of one of the first and most popular Internet browsers at that time, Netscape. That was 25 years ago and the code today has evolved into a beast with many new and sophisticated features. Included in my tutorials are most of the fundamental tools for creating a web page. Although there are numerous editors available to script pages, I have stuck to the raw code which minimizes the amont of coding required for basic pages.

Conversion Factors

During my years working at our Shallco, Inc. company, we printed a pocket-size booklet with a pretty complete listing of engineering conversion factors. These were passed out to customers, visitors, and at trade shows. A number of community colleges in the state learned of their availability and requested copies for students. Believe they are now out of print. Took on a project to make them available online, a digital version. Here they are.

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Ava Gardner

Grainger High School

HTML (hypertext markup language)

Engineering Conversion Factors

Bio of my 90 years

Michael (Mickey/Mike) circa 1950